Acupuncture and hay fever

A patient came into the Chinese Acupuncture Care clinic complaining of sneezing, runny nose, eyes that were red, itchy and watery, headache, blocked sinuses, and being unable to sleep.

There can be no mistaking these miseries. They are known all too well to hay fever sufferers. The side effects of chronic or untreated hay fever can make a person feel constantly ill. Adults and children can become irritable and moody. They may have difficulty falling asleep at night owing to the nasal congestion.

The patient was treated with acupuncture and in a short period of time, she was very much helped. Acupuncture offers an effective treatment for hay fever. It can achieve fairly fast and lasting results. Nasal congestion, discharge, and itching are usually relieved during the first acupuncture treatment. Six treatments may be needed to give lasting relief from hay fever symptoms. Some patients return for a series of six treatments each year just before what used to be their hay fever season. Others remain free from hay fever for years after one course of acupuncture treatments.

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