Worn out from waxing? Sick of shaving?

You’re not the only one! Mullingar men and women are flocking to Therapie on Austin Friar Street where affordable laser hair removal is now a reality. If you’re like the rest of us and trying to watch the pennies, you’ll be delighted to hear that a course of laser hair removal is in fact cheaper than waxing for a year.

In Ireland, unwanted hair affects around 68 per cent of men and women. A sensitive issue for many, excess hair on the face and body can have a negative impact on self esteem, but now with successful medical grade lasers available, it is a problem that can be easily solved.

“Clients have literally cried with relief and joy when they have completed their courses,” says Lisa Rohan, manager of Therapie Laser Clinic, Mullingar.

Understanding the sensitive needs of clients and delivering the desired results in a calm and caring environment is what Therapie is all about. With Therapie’s history of dedicated customer service and the results achieved over the last 10 years, Therapie can guarantee the level of service that you deserve and the kind of results you want.

The Therapie ethos is to offer results-driven treatments, through premium service, at affordable prices. Clients want value for money and most importantly, they want to see results.

Therapie offer free consultations so why not book in and find out if you’re a suitable candidate for laser hair removal. You’ll never look back!

Call Therapie Clinic, Austin Friar Street, Mullingar at 1890 650 750 or visit www.therapieclinic.com


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