Sofia’s Restaurant for 100 per cent healthy food

Sofia’s Restaurant, Left Bank Mall, were delighted recently to host ‘Dine with Patrick’, an evening with Patrick Holford, renowned author and spokesman on nutrition and health, along with his team and attendees of his 100% Health Weekend workshop. This was Patrick’s only Irish weekend workshop and this is the second year running that Athlone was chosen as the location.

Sofia’s was chosen as the location for dinner, based on the principles that are at the core of Sofia’s ethos, which Patrick applies to his many cookbooks and nutrition books.

Sofia’s restaurant is wheat, dairy, and sugar free and most dishes have a low glycemic load, helping to balance blood sugar, which is at the core of many health problems these days. Alternative grains include brown rice, quinoa, and polenta, while agave syrup is used as an excellent alternative to sugar. Dairy alternatives include soya and rice milk. All meat and fish are organic or wild with the most popular dishes including beef thai salad, homemade sushi, wild seawater monkfish wrap, Sophia’s 100 per cent organic steak sandwich, and tandoori chicken salad.

For anyone with health issues or food intolerances this is an excellent location for lunch or dinner with the knowledge that the menu caters for their particular needs.

The restaurant is run by Dr Eric Dilworth, GP and Imelda Geraghty, Circle of Life, who have studied Patrick’s approach to healthy living and are doing their best to make a difference by supplying organic wholefood along with tasty juices and wheatgrass.


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