Walking and hiking clothing guide from Outdoor Sports Mullingar

Whether it’s a light walk around town, a walk in the hills, or tackling one of the many hiking routes in Ireland, your choice of clothing and layering is very important. The layering principle of outdoor clothing is designed to cope with widely differing conditions by adding or removing layers as required.

Several layers of clothing to cope with different conditions are better than one thick heavy layer. The most important layer is your base layer because this wicks moisture away from the body without causing heat loss. Thermal fabrics are a lot better than cotton in this respect.

Fleeces in their many different forms are the most popular form of mid-layer or warm layer.

A windproof and waterproof outer layer is essential in Ireland because of our changeable weather conditions. Modern waterproof breathable fabrics are more versatile and comfortable than conventional non-breathable shell garments.

For general walking and hill walking, light walking trousers are advisable in summer; these are often available with zips to remove the legs, converting them into shorts. Insulated trousers are advisable in winter; jeans are far from ideal because they are heavy, cold, and uncomfortable when wet. Generally speaking they should be avoided.

Specialist retailers like Outdoor Sports Mullingar can assist in creating the ideal layering system for your specific activity.

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