Helping fertility with acupuncture

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to treat a variety of conditions. We commonly know acupuncture can help with pain relief, blood pressure, and irritable bowel syndrome; however acupuncture is increasingly being used to help with infertility. Acupuncture uses ultra-fine needles that stimulate sensory nerves, physical functions, and the release of chemicals and substances around the body.

For infertility problems, acupuncture regulates the body’s systems, provides hormone stability, and increases blood flow to the reproductive organs. These functions together increase a woman’s ovarian and follicular function and increase a man’s sperm production. Acupuncture also increases blood flow to the woman’s uterus, making it thicker and richer and providing an optimum environment for the formation of the embryo.

Acupuncture is sometimes combined with herbal medicine when treating infertility. Herbal medicines used for infertility include cuscuta, liquorice, psoralea fruit, wild yam and eucommia. There is evidence of acupuncture and herbal medicine alone increasing fertility and leading to conception; however acupuncture is generally used as a complementary therapy alongside conventional infertility treatment.

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