Natural treatments at Care & Cure

Care & Cure Chinese Acupuncture is a European leader in bringing acupuncture and Chinese medicine into Europe’s mainstream healthcare market. With the support of the Chinese government and a wealth of highly respected experts, they want to share their comprehensive medical system with all who seek a natural and safe treatment for their ailments and disabilities.

Traditional acupuncture is part of the healthcare system in China. Care & Cure would like to bring the essence of this medical system to Ireland; that is why all their clinics are administered by senior Chinese consultants and academics - many of whom are leading specialists in their field. Traditional acupuncture treats the whole person, body and mind, and not just symptoms. It’s been researched, refined, and developed for centuries. Acupuncture is now widely used and accepted all over the world.

Care & Cure aim to give their patients immediate access to their consultants to facilitate a quick and accurate diagnosis of your health problem. Whatever your needs, their qualified consultants use their extensive training to deliver a holistic and balanced remedy that treats the cause of your complaints.

As the Chinese New Year approaches, an open week takes place from Thursday February 3 to thank all patients for their support and wish you all happiness in the Year of the Rabbit. Please call (086 ) 2159282 for details.



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