Bio-Energy Therapy

In a Bio-Energy treatment the client lies fully clothed while listening to relaxing music. The therapist uses a number of special hand positions and techniques to scan the body, to clear it of any energy blockages. Specific energy flow techniques which help the body relax and release muscular tension in the back area are also included. This is a non-invasive, pain-free, and safe healing modality.

Bio-Energy Therapy can be used in the treatment of any ailment or pain, such as arthritis, skin conditions, muscular pain, joint pain, sinuses, gout, back pain, digestive problems, insomnia, headaches, migraine, high or low blood pressure, stress and anxiety. It is recommended you attend four consecutive treatments. After a treatment you should feel better, sleep better, have more energy, and be more relaxed.

You don’t have to be sick or injured to benefit from bio-energy therapy. Four treatments per year can help keep your body functioning at its optimum. Some of the benefits of using bio-energy for wellness, maintenance, and prevention include boosting the immune system when a person feels run down, releasing a build-up of stress by deeply relaxing the body, increasing blood circulation to help support cell growth and organ function, developing sound sleep, and helping to eliminate pain. It can be used in conjunction with modern day medicine.

Kate Mullins from AcheBusters is offering four treatments of Bio-Energy Therapy for the price of three. She also offers chakra and aura healing, crystal therapy, hands-on-healing, Access Bars, meditation classes, and healing workshops. Therapies start at €30.

For more information contact Kate on (086 ) 4076430.


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