Chiropody service at Monksland Foot Clinic

The Foot Clinic has commenced a chiropody service in Monksland Medical Centre every Tuesday.

The Foot Clinic is already operating in Molloys Pharmacy, Roscommon town. The service will be run by foot practitioner Catriona Byrne, DIPCHFP, MSPRACT.

The practice is fully registered and insured.

Treatments include:

* Toenail conditions, verrucae, corns, callus, athletes foot, toe nail cutting;

* Diabetic footcare management;

* Fallen arches/flat feet, knock knees, bow legs and gait abnormality.

The service includes the full range of chiropody treatments but the practice will focus not only on foot treatment but also on preventative and corrective measures.

The clinic also stocks a range of competitively priced orthotics to assist with the many associated foot problems that may occur ie fallen arches, ankle pain, hammer toes, callused feet, painful bunions, in addition to knee, hip and back pain.

Treatment for a range of sports related injuries is also provided by combining exercise plans with corrective orthotic support insoles. Customised supports are also available on request.

Both adults and children are catered for. For an appointment phone Catriona Byrne at (087 ) 2982214.



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