The power of hair

Hair and fashion are most certainly linked, and Hollywood A-listers could do with a glance back to the A-listers of the past. Try though they may, today’s leading ladies find it difficult to match the ageless beauty of some of the great icons of long ago, such as the classic beauty of Ingrid Bergman or the unique glamorous style of Grace Kelly.

Charlize Theron could borrow ideas from Grace Kelly and bring them into the 21st century. The natural good looks of Kate Winslet could be easily compared to Rita Hayworth. Rita was famed for her beautiful red hair and femme fatale role in the film Gilda. Incidentally, her husband Orson Welles ordered her to cut and colour her hair blonde for his next film The Lady from Shanghai!

The classic elegance of long ago succeeded because it was based on that proven principle that ‘less is more’. Gentle finger waves, geometric fringes, sleek and smooth lines with healthy shining hair throughout were all gently coiffed and expertly worked so that the glamour queens of that Hollywood time did indeed have their hair worked to their ‘crowning glory’.

When a woman looks in a mirror after her hair has been beautifully re-styled or upstyled and sees an amazing image, it can cause an instant mood change.

Do you remember Cher’s famous statement “Never fall out with your hairdresser!” or when Madonna called her hairdresser Orlando Pita “an angel sent from heaven to do hair”. Donnatella Versace is also noted as saying “For me, being blonde is not just having a hair colour; it is a way of being and a state of mind”.

Even Bette Davis was transformed in the film Now Voyager; a spinster at the start, she found love by getting rid of her rimmed glasses and severe bun. She merely glamourised her hair with a beautiful upstyle and implied that any ‘plain Jane’ could find love with the help of the right hairstyle!

These are just a few examples of ‘the power of hair’. Beautiful well styled hair will always be in fashion.

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