A shot of wheatgrass a day...

Earlier this month we looked at the health benefits of wheatgrass. We now follow up with some tips on the juicing, storage, and life expectancy of wheatgrass, as well as other commonly asked questions such as whether wheatgrass can be frozen.


The truth is that wheatgrass loses up to 90-95 per cent of all its benefits when frozen and then thawed for consumption. It is vital that wheatgrass is consumed within the first 15 minutes of juicing in order to obtain the maximum benefits, which are 102 trace minerals, 100 per cent live enzymes, and 95 per cent chlorophyll. As wheatgrass is left sitting it loses its potency.


Wheatgrass must be juiced in a masticating juicer, which can be purchased from www.theservantsoflove.com with prices ranging from €150 to €800. If you own your own juicer, the most convenient plan is to pick up a bag of wheatgrass once a week from Sofia’s Restaurant, Left Bank Mall, or Circle of Life, Roscommon Road, Athlone. This allows you to juice the wheatgrass every morning, which is the best time of day to drink it.Take a handful from the bag, put through the masticating juicer, and you will get one shot, or the equivalent of 4oz of juice.


Keep a bag of wheatgrass in the fruit and vegetable compartment of your fridge for seven days; you should get seven to eight shots from one bag. Alternatively pick up your wheatgrass shot on a daily basis from Sofia’s Restaurant or Circle of Life.

A shot of wheatgrass a day keeps the doctor away!

Contact Circle of Life at (090 ) 6498339 or Sofia’s Restaurant at (090 ) 6494834.


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