Three metabolism factors that influence your weight loss success

Here are three metabolism factors that hugely influence weight loss success. They are far more common than you might think.

Current blood testing often misses or does not look for them. Based on System 10's experience 66 per cent of people looking to lose weight have at least two of these factors severely limiting their results. They are the difference between struggling to lose weight and transformational results and are very often the root cause of low energy, broken sleep, bowel problems, and most other health problems.

Your digestion: This is the master of your whole metabolism. When digestion goes wrong, everything else goes wrong. Remember all your hormones and nutrition come from the foods you eat and absorb. Inflammation, bloating, or slow bowel function totally change your digestion, and what you get from your food, and this massively impacts weight loss, energy, health, and especially mental health.

Your thyroid: Located in your neck, this gland together with your adrenals forms a critical pillar of your metabolism and weight loss. Ageing naturally decreases your thyroid function as does stress, illness, and poor lifestyle habits. A slow thyroid can cost you up to 600 calories daily, making weight loss almost impossible. There is a lot you can do to naturally nourish and improve your thyroid function, especially if you are on thyroid medication.

Your adrenals: These stress glands (located on your kidneys ) are very often severely worn out in the body. Women especially suffer from adrenal fatigue and burnout. This slows your thyroid and damages blood sugar control. Blood sugar control is another critical pillar of weight loss. Severely burnt out adrenals cause addiction-like cravings for sugar, bread, alcohol, and other stimulants.

System 10 identifies your metabolism problems and works on improving them through highly balanced food, nutrition, and exercise. This dramatically improves your energy, sleep, and health and transforms weight loss success.

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