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February is a good month to crack on with planting a new hedge if that’s on your to-do list for the coming year. You can of course buy hedging plants in pots and plant them at any time of year as long as the ground isn’t frozen, and if you only need a small number of plants that should work well.

If you have a large garden though the cost per plant will add up to a scary total, so it’s good to know that bare root hedging plants are available right now. Because they’re not potted up individually, they are much cheaper to transport and supply, making a big difference to the bottom line if you need a large area of hedging.

Garden designers can source bare root hedging for you from specialist nurseries, giving you a wide range of hedging suitable for your particular site and taking into account your soil, local climate and which kind of hedging plants will perform and look best with your particular garden design. This option also offers you a very wide range of sizes, which many people don’t realise – people often assume that hedging plants need to be tiny, but you can actually plant in many different sizes depending on your budget, with some of my clients opting for hedges that are mature or as good as. You may not want to wait years for a hedge to reach the height you need, so it’s good to know you can instantly create a green boundary at the height you want, giving you the shelter and privacy you need right away.

Bare root plants are available for as long as the dormant season lasts, which is usually March but depends on the weather conditions in a particular year, so if you’re thinking of greening up your boundaries, there’s no time like the present.

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