Let 2018 be your year — training opportunities for the unemployed

The problem with being out of work for a significant period of time is that it hacks away at your self-confidence. The longer we leave taking that step forward, the more difficult it becomes, and we lose our sense of self. At other times it is just not possible. Eldercare, childcare, family commitments, and illness can get in the way or become a noble priority. Janet Yellen, the popular American economist, believed that long-term unemployment can make any worker progressively less employable, even after the economy strengthens. Explaining gaps on a CV is always a discussion point in career coaching. If the time has come when you can concentrate on yourself, there is one facility in Galway among others that can offer a stepping stone.

Free Training Galway City West is based in Shantalla in Galway, a community based programme which has been successfully operating as a training provider for more than 30 years at QQI Level 3 and 4. It is a local training initiative which is funded and accredited through the GRETB. Local training initiatives are a mixture of education and work experience programmes, delivered through community based groups to assist individuals to enter or re-enter the labour market. The project is designed to provide vocational opportunities and learning supports to assist participants to progress to employment or further education and training.

The courses on offer are relevant and beneficial to the current/future Galway labour market. The idea is to provide quality training for employment in retail, tourism, administration, and related industries through direct learning and a weekly one day work placement where feasible. Some of the courses on offer include the following.

QQI Level 3 computer and career training: This course can provide opportunities for you to grow your personal, social, and practical skills. It is designed to help you gain employment or progress to further education/training. Subjects include computer literacy, spreadsheets, word processing, internet skills, databases, career preparation, communications, and work experience. Starting at this level is a gentle introduction to a skills based programme which is beneficial for anyone seeking to enter the area and especially helpful for those that have been out of education for some time.

QQI Level 4 retail skills: This course can provide opportunities for employment in any retail sector or progression to further education/training. Subjects include retail sales techniques, retail payment procedures, communications, customer service, teamworking, computer applications, information technology skills, and work practice.

QQI Level 5 tourism with business: This course can provide opportunities for employment in tourism, administration, and related industries and progression to third level. Subjects include tourism information and administration; tourism principles and practice, heritage tourism, customer service, reception and frontline office skills, spreadsheets, word processing, and work practice.

There are possibilities of progession between levels depending on the ability, commitment, and desire of applicants.

These types of educational opportunities are a great way of providing a step forward for those who feel stuck or who find it difficult to access an opening that is suitable to where they are in their personal development.

The benefits

Partaking in this training can offer eligible participants:

• An increase in social welfare payment if aged under 26.

• Retention of their current social welfare payment amount if aged over 26.

• Extra financial support in the form of meal, travel and childcare allowances from the GRETB.

• A re-entry route into the workplace and/or a chance to pursue new employment options.

If you are interested and wish to get further details call 091 860464 or email [email protected].

For those who are feeling stuck and want to avail of career coaching or mentoring, special discounted rates for the unemployed are available for the month of January with careerguidancegalway.com


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