New Year – New Beginnings at Strive Clinic

January sees the launch of a number of classes and workshops at Strive Clinic, Galway.

Clinical Specialist in Pelvic Rehabilitation, Debbie Fallows along with Kate Kearney their Psychotherapist have developed a unique programme called ‘Optimums’. At Strive Clinic, they believe that as a mother, your physical and mental wellbeing are inextricably linked and cannot be separated.

This programme will focus on the health of both mind and body, in a relaxed, comfortable and yet stimulating environment. It is open to all mothers who have had a baby in the last year, whether it is your first baby or not.

It is an 8-week programme in total and will be a combination of one-to-one consultations as well as some group work. To start, you will have two one-to-one consultations with both a Pelvic Physiotherapist as well as a Compassion Focused Therapist.

The Physiotherapist will assess your pelvic floor and abdominal wall strength and will set some physical goals with you. The compassion focused therapist will introduce the compassionate mind approach, and how cultivating self-compassion is relevant and essential as you transition into motherhood.

If appropriate, you will then attend six small group sessions which will gently combine Pilates-based postnatal exercise with compassionate mind techniques. A one-to-one consultation again on week eight will help to evaluate your OptiMums journey and reassess your goals.

Cost of the programme for the full eight weeks is €250, with a special introductory offer for January 2018 of €200.Occupational Therapist Kimberley Clarke will be running a series of workshops including; ‘Managing Arthritis in Everyday Life’, ‘Sleeping your way to better health’ and ‘Living with Chronic Fatigue’.

All of these workshops are very practical and will contribute significantly to your enjoyment of a better quality of lifeJanuary is the month where we all think about dieting and exercise and we know that we need to consider both to get the best outcome. Joanne McCarron, our Dietitian, has put together a three week programme to provide you with the information for a Healthy start to 2018.

Week one focuses on Healthy Eating, Week Two helps us to look at food labelling and the Do’s and Dont’s and Week 3 demonstrates how we can eat healthy while still enjoying a good social life. Joanne will also present two other workshops, one on Healthy Eating During Pregnancy and the other on Nutrition & Bone Health.Christina O’Connor is our Chartered Physiotherapist and she is running a Pilates Class which starts the second week in January.

There are many benefits to Pilates including improved posture, muscular strength and endurance and improved balance. It also promotes more efficient breathing patterns and more mindful movement strategies.

Strive will also run a Pregnancy Pilates class which commences on January 10. These classes are done over four weeks and will help to strengthen tummy, back and pelvic floor.For further information on any of our classes, please check out the timetable and keep an eye on the Facebook page. Full details on or call 091 393180.


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