Plenty of reasons to book with Corrib Travel

A chilly December always makes us think of sunnier climes so it is no surprise that the first few months of the new year are the busiest for summer holiday bookings. So, the following are just some of the reasons you should choose Corrib Travel to book your next holiday.

Corrib Travel offers security: The company is bonded and licensed so no matter what happens, from flight cancellations to ash clouds, your holiday is secure. This peace of mind is priceless and ensures you can put your feet up before you even reach the airport.

Corrib Travel can save you time, rather than trawling through various websites, spending hours reading online reviews, there is still a huge amount of planning and research needed before you even think of clicking ‘book’. One of the best reasons to book with Corrib Travel is the team's in-depth knowledge of destinations, airlines, and resorts. Staff in Corrib Travel go on various work trips throughout the year, so they have first-hand knowledge.

Corrib Travel offers value for money. The team can get you the best deal around with numerous in-house suppliers, but the focus is always on value, rather than cutting corners to get you the lowest price.

Unlike a website where you book your holiday and then you are on your own, the Corrib Travel team are contactable each step of the way, reducing the stress. Something unforeseen can happen at any time, and they are always available. They know how busy clients can be, so they always aim to be flexible and easy to work with in every way, you can deal with them online, on the phone or in the shops. The company also offers flexible payment options.

Another huge reason to book with Corrib Travel is the advantage of building a long-lasting relationship. By talking to Corrib Travel about what you want from your holiday, the staff get to know you and your needs. Over time, they learn what you like and don’t like on your travels, and this relationship means they can create your dream holiday.

Corrib Travel is open until December 23, so make sure you pop in.

The team at Corrib Travel thank you for your business throughout 2017, and look forward to seeing you in 2018.



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