Sleep well this Christmas season with Better Bedding

Christmas is coming and it is that time of the year when our sleeping patterns go off the rails, late nights, excessive drinking and eating, worrying over shopping, family, and money, it all takes its toll.

Studies have found we lose more than 30 hours of sleep over the festive period. Short term lack of sleep makes us drowsy, irritable, with concentration being affected, plus when you are tired your appetite increases so be careful you do not overindulge this Christmas.

Better Bedding has a few tips that will help you sleep well through the festive season.

- Keep regular hours - try to go to bed and get up around the same time.

- Have a restful sleeping environment - no decorations and your bedroom should be neither too hot nor too cold, and be as quiet and dark as possible.

- Keep your curtains closed - ideally curtains block light and sound.

- Make sure your bed is comfortable - it is hard to get a good night's sleep on a bed that is too hard, too soft, too small, or too old. It should be big enough that your partner rarely disturbs you. Maybe a new bed should be on your Christmas list this year.

- Finally have some ear plugs handy to block out the sound of your partner's alcohol or overindulgence of Christmas pudding snoring.

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