Tips for winter decorating

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"Oh the weather outside is frightful," says Dean Martin, and as we enter December, it will only get colder, wetter, and darker.

Yes, the weather is miserable at this time of year and all we want to do is stay indoors and snuggle up in front of the fire. And what better to make your home a cosy, toasty, kingdom than a spot of winter decorating.

Here at the we provide the top tips for winter decorating.

1 Warm winter throws

A pretty obvious suggestion but an important one if you want to stay warm and stylish during winter. Don't confine your snuggly throws to the bedrooms. Add fabric and decor using wool and sheepskin throws to your sofas and dining table chairs. If you are fancy, use a cashmere throw. You will appreciate your throws when you are watching TV or having dinner when that winter chill makes its way into your home.

2 Rugs for the floor

Bring a splash of colour and character as well as keeping your feet warm with a rug. Anyone who has wooden floors or tiles will know how cold these surfaces get during winter and a rug is the solution. For the rug to work stylish wise, make sure it fits into the colour scheme of the room.

3 Insulation

When that cool draught starts to come into your home, it is time to insulate. Make sure your blinds and curtains are fit for the task as they will reduce the loss of heat. A draught excluder for the cracks at the bottom of your door will aid you in your efforts. Making these efforts will not only stop you getting cold but help you reduce your energy bill.

So there you have it. Top three tips for keeping your home warm and stylish this winter.

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