A guide to a dream Italian wedding.

Getting married is arguably one of the best days you will ever have as a couple. But getting married in the land of Romeo and Juliet, wine and pizza, adds a delightful elegance and a splash of magic to proceedings.

Yes, having your wedding in Italy is special and here is why.

1 Location

As with any wedding, the first aspect of the wedding that should be decided is the location. From extravagance of Rome and Milan to the romantic aura of Tuscany with its vineyards and luxury hotels, couples are spoilt for choice on locations for a fairytale wedding which makes it difficult to settle on a place. Remember to select your place before your date.

2 The meal

Who does not love Italian food? From pizza to pasta carbonara, authentic Italian food is succlento. And with some of the best wine in the world, your guests will not go thirsty as well. Top tip - selecting what type of dishes you want to be served at your wedding may aid you in your final destination. If you looking for fish try coastal towns. If your meat is your treat, try country cities and mountain towns.

3 The weather

The weather during the Italian wedding season, May to October, is adorned with sunshine, so couples do not need to worry about having torrential rain on their special day. This means the wedding album will be full of picturesque sun-kissed images of yourself and better half.

4 Corrib Travel

The tricky part of saying vows in Italy is a number of red tape couples have to navigate before couples say 'I do' but Corrib Travel is here to help you plan for your big day with your amore. Partnered with a team on the ground in Italy, Corrib Travel takes care of all the necessary paperwork and allow you to concentrate on all the fun stuff that is associated with the wedding planner. With a wealth of experience, the travel agent can advise couples on the best wedding venues, dishes, and locations so couples can have the wedding of their dreams.

Still unconvinced? Call into Corrib Travel, 2 Eyre Square, Galway, contact 091 564713, or email [email protected] for more information on a dream Italian wedding.


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