Wyvern Lingo - new single, Róisín Dubh gig

'Out Of My Hands' is Wicklow trio's most politicised song to date

Wyvern Lingo.

Wyvern Lingo.

WYVERN LINGO have just released their new single, 'Out Of My Hands' - their most candid, politicised song to date - and have announced a gig at the Róisín Dubh as part of their 2018 tour of Ireland.

The new single was inspired by a conversation band member Karen Cowley had with a man on the night of the Home Sweet Home/Occupy Nama demonstration. "He was completely cynical towards activism," she says. "I tried to get inside his head, that mistrust and negativity on the refugee crisis, homelessness in Ireland, and the Repeal the Eighth movement."

Hence the lines in the song: "She wouldn’t give it a break, crying inequality/Oh the Eighth and the state, she’s never happy/Then she said I had ‘no empathy’ towards those refugees/I said that I just can’t see them as a priority." The song is the follow-up to the single 'I Love You Sadie', a soulful R&B number “about loving the feminine qualities of a man, and encouraging him not to worry about fitting into the male stereotype and just to be himself”.

Wyvern Lingo play the Róisín Dubh on Friday March 9 2018. Tickets go on sale tomorrow at midday from ticketmaster.ie and www.roisindubh.net



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