Take part in the parade, even if you’re not there

YouTube is a great idea, a place where you can watch every thing from classic football clips to famous actors most embarrassing meltdowns.

However the website also has a practical side and this month it will allow Galwegians who can’t make the St Patrick’s Day parade, to still take part.

The organisers of the St Patrick’s Day parade in Galway will host the ‘First Online Patrick’s Day Parade’ on YouTube this month.

The parade on YouTube is an online parade for individuals who want to take part, but are not in parade groups or not available on the day.

The organisers are looking for videos (old or new ) of people in costume, marching, dancing, playing music, or singing. All they have to do is go to /www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh_bxXVJQqE, upload a video and add it.


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