Exhibition explores the life of the hedgerow

Head In The Hedgerow by Hugh Barr at University Hospital Galway.

Red Leaf by Hugh Barr.

Red Leaf by Hugh Barr.

THE DIVERSITY of plants, flowers, and wildlife found within hedgerows in Ireland, has inspired a new exhibition, Head In The Hedgerow by Hugh Barr, which is currently running at University Hospital Galway.

Speaking about the inspiration behind his work, Barr says: “I began to see the plants and signs of animals. I noticed the seasonal changes and even saw how the plants reacted to the daily effects of weather and light. I always considered that I had been aware of these things before, but now I was taking a closer look. This enabled me to understand the diversity of life that is sustained by the hedgerows and the important role that they play within the countryside.”

Head in the Hedgerow runs until October 16. See www.headinthehedgerow.com


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