Arrive and jive is coming to Galway

A new addiction has been sweeping the county, regularly gathering crowds of up to 200 who get together to rid themselves of their two left feet, and it's called the Tom Jive four week beginner jive course.

Tom Jive, the dance teacher from Cork behind this new jive phenomenon, has more than 20 years of teaching and dancing experience from all the dance halls of Ireland, London and Boston.

Now Tom Jive is bringing this award-winning dance style to Lakeview School, Renmore, on Wednesday October 4 at 8pm. This four week dance course will transform you from the nervous wreck of the dance floor to someone who can jive with confidence at social events. Tom's classes have attracted people of all ages, as evidenced by some of the videos available at

One of the appeals of Tom Jive's classes is that you do not need to bring along a partner and people are encouraged to switch around at the classes. Tom Jive has partially credited this as a reason why his classes have virtually a 100 per cent retention rate throughout the four weeks and beyond.

Tom Jive hopes to remove many of the fears and stigmas people have about dancing and he appears to be doing an excellent job, regularly attracting more than 200 people to his classes in Cork, Clare, Limerick, and beyond. Another area of success for Tom has been getting young men to come along, saying that once some men have signed up for his classes, dozens more follow as the fear is removed. Above all else, Tom's jive classes are a great social night where you can go along and meet like minded people.

For more information visit contact Tom Jive at 087 399 5877 or like his Facebook page JiveTom.



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