Who am I? Understand yourself, discover your own potential and the path to your progress

In order to live a satisfying life we simply have to be ourselves and live in accordance with how we are made. Then we will be able to make free choices, live true to ourselves in our relationships, and experience more meaning and satisfaction in what we do.

To live this quality of life requires that I get to know myself at my depths, my positive core and that I learn how to connect to this zone of myself. Otherwise I can be hijacked by feelings, principles (“shoulds” ), a maladjusted self-image, which rob me of the happiness of being myself.

In this four day workshop you will have the opportunity to explore the different levels of your interior world with a special emphasis on getting to know your interior strengths and how you can develop them. Using a unique self-discovery approach, grounded in your own current life experience and guided by the insights of PRH (personality and human relations ) research, you will plot the path for your own progress in becoming more your true self.

PRH is an international school of adult growth which offers education to equip people to be more themselves and to grow through challenges. It is an invaluable tool for anyone who is motivated to live a better quality of life and to be more effective in all roles.

The 'Who Am I?' workshop will take place in Loughrea on October 21 and 22, and on November 4 and 11. The registration deadline is September 22.

For more information or to register call Mary Silke, PRH educator, at 090 6624937.



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