Back health for back to school

As students are going back to school, discomfort may arise. Back pain is not just something that older individuals can experience. An inceasing number of young people are feeling discomfort in their backs, and much of it is from improper use of backpacks or having bad posture.

How to wear a backpack:

A backpack should not be heavier than 10 per cent of the student’s weight. A 30kg student should not carry more than 3kg.

Both straps for the shoulders should be worn.

The shoulder straps should be adjusted, so the backpack sits above the pelvis.

Heavier items should be closest to the back and lightest items furthest away.

If the backpack is still too heavy, speak with your child's teacher about leaving the heaviest books at home or school.

Good posture:

Sitting in class all day can be very tiring and posture can suffer as a result. Slumping forward can feel more relaxed but it will put increased tension on the joints of your spine and cause tightness in the hips and shoulders.

Sit with feet flat on the floor and do not cross your legs.

The buttocks should touch the back of the chair.

Ears, shoulders, and hips should all be in a vertical line.

Cell phones and reading material should be held out in front to keep the neck out of a flexed position.

If you have any concerns about your child’s posture or schoolbag and would like to avail of a complimentary consultation with one of City Chiropractic's qualified and registered chiropractors, call 091 567055 to make an appointment.

Dr Jennifer Peterson DC, chiropractor


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