Bi Visibility Week events in Galway

Bi Visibility Week runs from September 18 to 24

The Bisexual flag.

The Bisexual flag.

Bisexuality is one of the least understood or publicly recognised forms of sexual orientation, one which often faces prejudice from within minority and majority sexualities, leading to the phenomenon of 'bi-erasure'.

To create awareness, understanding, and support for bisexual people, Bi+ Ireland is holding its Bi Visibility Week from September 18 to 24, with various events taking place in Galway.

On September 22 from 7.30pm, Bi+ Ireland is hosting a public talk, ‘Getting Bi: Bisexual Visibility In Ireland’, in The View, Aras Na Mac Leinn, NUI Galway. Speakers will include Solidarity councillor Fiona Ryan; Bi+ Ireland founder and coordinator Aoife O'Riordan; local Bi+ Ireland coordinator Sharon Nolan; Spirituality Ireland representative Danny Pio Murphy; and Abortion Rights Campaign representative Janet O'Sullivan. Tickets are free, but limited, and can be obtained via Eventbrite.

“This is a chance for members of the public, whatever their sexuality, to reflect on their awareness, understanding and support of our bi+ community,” says Galway Bi+ Ireland coordinator Chris Noone, who will chair the discussion. “These three issues have been consistently identified as crucial to the wellbeing of bi+ people, and are sorely lacking in our society."

September 23 features two events. Bi+ Fun and Games takes place from 4pm to 8pm in the Teach Solais LGBT+ Resource Centre, with workshops, crafting, games, snacks, and fun. Afterwards ‘Bi Visibility Night’ then kicks off in Nova bar from 9pm with music and performances.

“Bi Visibility Day is internationally celebrated each year on September 23,” states Galway coordinator Sharon Nolan. “The B in LGBT is often erased, misunderstood, or belittled - so it means so much we have an annual day to celebrate our visibility, and we’re delighted to be having such great festivities in Galway."

Bi+ Ireland is a grassroots organisation for people who fit somewhere under the bi+ umbrella. They are open to and welcoming of the entire bi+ community (bisexual, pansexual, queer, and other non-monosexual identifying people ). The group is run by volunteers.


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