Trading Faces Stage School

Taking part in a Trading Faces workshop can help boost your child’s confidence in a safe and fun environment. Claire Power, who has been a drama teacher for more than 19 years, outlines the benefits in personal development for your child.

1. Build self confidence: Trading Faces takes students out of their comfort zone in a safe and fun environment. Taking part in classes slowly builds confidence as students are nurtured and taught how to express their thoughts and ideas in a creative way. Culminating in the Town Hall Theatre with seniors performing Into the Woods and juniors performing Oliver. This confidence, and ability to stand up in front of an audience, will stay with them throughout their lives.

2. Improves communication skills: From conversing with their peers and coaches to getting their thoughts heard, to projecting their voice onstage or directing fellow students from behind the camera, there is no doubt that one of the main benefits of Trading Faces is to improve communication skills.

3. Teamwork: The teamwork involved in Trading Faces in unlike that of any other activity. It is not about winning or losing. You learn to work with your peers for a common goal of creating a great performance.

4. A fun workout: It is physical, from learning dance steps to performing on stage to singing. Students are having a fun workout in the process, while preparing for accredited musical theatre exams.

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