World premiere of new Little John show

Radio Rosario to be performed in The Mick Lally Theatre in September

Little John Nee. Photo;- Colm Hogan

Little John Nee. Photo;- Colm Hogan

THE WORLD premiere of Radio Rosario, the new show by writer, actor, theatre-maker, musician, entertainer and, in the words of Irish Theatre Magazine, “a unique talent”, Little John Nee, opens in The Mick Lally Theatre next month.

Against a background of rising fascism, some time in the near future, a disillusioned cabaret singer, Valve Hegarty, falls in love with the radios of our past. Reduced to singing jingles to pay the rent, Hegarty has a hankering for something of substance and is drawn to 20th century valve radios.

A chance meeting leads him to the site of the Connemara Marconi Wireless Station, built more than 100 years ago, and so a soundscape of ghostly broadcasts begins. The music of a dance orchestra transforms his kitchen, vintage advertisements try to sell us products from the past, Franklin D Roosevelt invites us to join him for one of his legendary fireside talks, Winston Churchill declares, "We shall fight on the beaches..."

For this show, Little John Nee will be joined by musician, visual artist, and director Laura Sheeran. The show is directed by LJ and Sheeran. The production includes recording engineer and producer Tommy McLaughlin (Villagers ), designer Triona Lillis (An Klondike ), and costume and lighting designer Sarah Jane Shiels (WillFredd Theatre ).

Radio Rosario is at The Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane, from Tuesday September 5 to SAturday 9 (with a preview on Monday 4 ) at 8pm. Tickets are €16/14 via and 091 - 568660.


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