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Galway Bay Boat tours are a family run boating business from the Claddagh that offer guided boat tours on Galway Bay for small-medium sized groups. The sailing and fishing traditions of the area have been part of the Oliver family for generations, and provding this service from the city.

Explore - Explore the spectacular scenery of Galway Bay by boat. See the maritime heritage of Galway from the waters of the bay. Delve into the deep on a lobster pot safari. You may find your supper!

Experience - Experience and expand your horizons with a trip across the bay to visit famous coastal villages and sample the hospitality of world famous restaurants and bars. Learn about the rich history of Galway Bay and its unique communities with local expert guidance.

Enjoy - Enjoy the natural beauty of Galway Bay up close and personal. Allow us to guide you in a gentle cruise of the bay taking in its scenery and wildlife. You may catch sight of seals, basking sharks, sunfish and maybe a dolphin.

Running 1-hour ‘Harbour Tours’, 2-hour ‘Galway Bay Tours’ and specialised ‘Tailored Tours’ of 2 hours+ for those wanting something a bit more customised. They are also developing exclusive short trips and excursions on the famous Galway Hooker sailing boats, which they hope to launch shortly.

As part of their networking strategy, they will be offering some complimentary tours in the near future for business so one can experience what they have to offer for an exciting new way to see the city of the Tribes! Perfect for a date, team building or if you are looking to find out more about Galway form the seas.

If you would like to explore Galway Bay why not book with them today on 0874606606 or go to Galway Bay Boat Tours form more information. 

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