Weight Watchers is for everyone

Weight loss is a subject very much to the fore at the moment with so much media attention of the statistics which say that we will have the most obese people in Europe by 2030.

There is a huge increase in gym memberships, running clubs, walking clubs as we all try to do our best to get fit. The one common thread in all of these activities is that exercise alone will not help us lose weight.

"We must change our eating habits," says Weightwatchers. " Eat less, move more is such a simple statement, but a truer fact was never uttered. The stats say it is 80/20 ratio of food to exercise that combines to give us the best weight loss."

"Weight Watchers is a worldwide success as it was founded on the basis of learning about food, what we need to change and to understand in order to get and sustain a weight loss. It is not a fad diet that one must adhere to for a few weeks to see magic results – it is a lifestyle change and it is a lifetime decision that helps maintain the weight loss.

"Most of us who have a weight problem do so as we use food as a crutch when we are feeling low emotionally, or we love to celebrate with food. What we need to understand is that we are not judged in a meeting for having gained a few pounds over the past week, instead we are given the tools and empathy to help discover where we fell down, and encouraged to get back on track, learn from the experience and regain control of our lives again."

Weightwatchers uses SmartPoints to understand that some foods are better value than others - the least processed foods, ie, meat, dairy, brown bread, wholewheat pasta, while foods high in sugar and saturated fat are high in SmartPoints.

"When we eat our meals and stay within our daily allowance and we earn FitPoints by doing some exercise, we begin to see results on the scales and we feel better and this encourages us to continue to make smarter food choices."

Weightwatchers runs meetings throughout Ireland and our members can attend any meeting they wish within a week nationwide and their history is traceable with a membership Smart Card. For more information on local meetings visit www.weightwatchers.ie or call 1850 234123 /01-8703900.



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