Concerned with food intolerance?

Up to one in three people in Ireland may be suffering from food allergies, and if you could be one of them, find out with a food intolerance test with Honeybee Health Store on Lower Abbeygate Street.

The majority of people enjoy a wide variety of foods with no side effects, but for a growing number of people, specific foods or ingredients may cause adverse reactions, inlcuding bloating, headaches, or severe allergic reactions which can go undiagnosed for years. Food intolerances are related to the enzymes needed to fully digest foods, and if some of these enzymes are missing or insufficient, proper digestion may be compromised.

It is also possible to have a combination of intolerances, and a person may have up to eight ‘trigger foods’.

A professional consultation is the best way to identify these foods, according to Honeybee Health Sore, which says experience has shown that by eliminating these trigger foods, immediate results can be seen both mentally and physically.

Other causes of food intolerances include chemicals, toxins, histamines, salicylates, and food additives, while some of the most common foods Irish people have intolerances to include cow's milk, egg, soya, wheat, peanut, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish.

Generally food intolerances affect the gut, causing bloating, wind and related symptoms and can make your life miserable or effect long term health. Food intolerance is a condition with a mixture of symptoms and can be difficult to recognise and diagnose correctly.

Common symptoms of food intolerance include bloating, fatigue, abdominal pains, stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation/diarrhoea, headaches, tiredness, skin conditions, and weight loss

It is important a food sensitivity or intolerance is diagnosed medically. Self-diagnosis is not recommended as many of the symptoms associated with these conditions are common to a number of other illnesses.

The food intolerance test includes more than 50 foods, and is taken with a simple blood sample taken from a finger prick with results available within 24 hours. For more information contact Honeybee Health Store on Lower Abbeygate Street, Galway. Telephone 091 568761 or visit


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