Fears that iconic Quiet Man train station will collapse

Saw Doctors singer, Leo Moran, is official ambassador.

Saw Doctors singer, Leo Moran, is official ambassador.

One of the world’s most iconic train stations is now at a real risk of collapse if urgent action is not taken, according to conservation experts. An international crowd funding campaign is being launched at the station this evening (Thursday ) to raise an urgently-needed €30,000 which is required to restore the roof on the Ballyglunin train station in County Galway.

The campaign will offer people a myriad ways to contribute, including the opportunity to hold their wedding at the station, to have their names inscribed on brass plates, floor beds, the sue of the facility for private or corporate events. The list is compiled below.

The Ballyglunin Train Station is famous for its leading role in the John Forde classic The Quiet Man. However, the charity that has been working to save the train station has been advised by conservation experts that the station will collapse if immediate restoration works are not completed.

66 years ago Maureen O’Hara and John Wayne arrived at Ballyglunin Train Station for the filming of The Quiet Man. The station was re-named Castletown by director John Ford and was the location for the opening scene and many other scenes of the Oscar-winning classic.

Today hundreds from home and abroad come to visit the train station each year to breathe in a piece of Irish movie history. However, unless immediate action is taken, the station will be forced to close its gates to the public.


In a bid to save the train station, an international crowd funding campaign is being launched at the station at 7pm today Thursday May 18. The aim is simple; to raise enough funds to restore the roof on the station so as protect the building. This will allow the charity to progress to the next stage of the plan for the station.

The crowd funding campaign will run from May 18 to June 27 — 42 days and there are many ways in which you can contribute.

Denis O’Connor from Ros na Rún fame will be there tonight to play Sean Thornton as he has previously for the production of the stage play “The Quiet Man”.

Saw Doctors singer, Leo Moran, who is official ambassador to the crowd funding campaign, says “We need everyone’s help to save this iconic building so that future generations can enjoy and understand our past. The Ballyglunin Community Development Charity has huge plans to develop this amazing location however; the roof is now at serious risk of collapse. If nothing is done, we’ll be saying goodbye to an important slice of Irish history.”

In 2012, the local community established a charity with the vision of developing the old train station as an international centre for heritage and culture in the west of Ireland. Before her passing, the late Maureen O’Hara officially endorsed the work of the charity saying that “The Ballyglunin Train Station truly is part of Ireland’s great cinematic history”.

The crowd funding campaign is being hosted by the Irish Crowd Funding platform fundit.ie and will be officially launched at 7pm on Thursday 18th May at the Ballyglunin Train Station. All are welcome to attend.

For more details, see www.ballyglunin.com | f: www.facebook.com/ballygluninrailway | twitter: @ballygluninrail

The Ballyglunin Community Development Charity is a not for profit organization which was established to restore the station back to its former splendor. To date the charity has successfully restored the signal cabin and goods store at the station. A large part of the work of the charity is maintaining the station.

What you get for supporting Ballyglunin?

€10 – A special edition Lapel pin with the famous Castletown sign

€15 – Official Castletown mug with image of the station printed on it.

€20 – Official 2018 Castletown calendar with beautiful images of the station

€40 – A plant or shrub planted in your name at the station with your nametag and a map of where each plant is laid

€85 – Quiet Man Slate - A slate from the station with image from the movie inscribed on it.

€250 x 6 – A raised flower bed professionally cultivated made from railway sleepers. This will have a brass plate with your name on it.

€500 x 6 - The use of the famous waiting room at Ballyglunin Train Station for a half day for your private event.

€1000 x 4 - A Quiet Man day out for four people. Retrace the journey of John Wayne down the tracks. An historical tour of the station and Ballyglunin area by a local historian. Have a luxury picnic on the station platform and watch the Quiet Man movie afterwards in the waiting room. A gift of a slate, mug and calendar for everyone.

€1000 x 2 – Use of the storehouse arts space for a day for your one off event.

€2000- The station as a location for your wedding ceremony. The charm of this station is perfect for your wedding day. The station will look perfect for your big day. They will also provide an award-winning videographer to capture the ceremony.

€3000 – Official sponsor for the Storehouse arts space for 1 year. Tasteful branding on the outside of the building. Get to use the location for your annual event. Your company logo will appears on all brochures, website and social media sites.


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