Galway set to host Irish Stammering Association open day

The Irish Stammering Association (ISA ) will have an open day in Galway on Saturday May 20. The event aims to bring together everyone who is affected by stammering, whether they be adults, children or the parents of those who stammer.

Stammering is a condition characterised by sound repetitions, prolongations and blocks in its early stages.

It affects around five per cent of children, most of whom will recover, but around one per cent of adults continue to stammer. Stammering can lead to embarrassment, frustration, an unwillingness to speak in public, and result in people not fulfilling their potential; whatever their age.

The ISA open day brings together people who stammer and helps to reassure them that there is no need to fear speaking.

The open day starts at 1pm with a meet and greet over tea and coffee. ISA chair David Heney will reflect on the organisation’s work over the last few years and speak about the ISA’s next step.

Galway support group members will talk about the benefits of joining the group and James McCormack, a Galway psychotherapist working with young people in higher education, will also speak.

Patricia Collins is set to give a speech on her life as a language therapist working with children and teens in Galway.

There will also be an opportunity to ask Dr Triona Lanigan (a counselling psychologist who stutters ) and Callum Wells (speech and language therapist who stutters ), any questions the attendees may have.

The ISA AGM will also take place in the afternoon. The day is free to attend. If you are not a member of ISA yet, you can join on the day for €20.


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