Finbar McHugh's Feelings on display

Street artist has gallery exhibition in the Town Hall

Detail from 'Ascension' by Finbar McHugh.

Detail from 'Ascension' by Finbar McHugh.

HE IS best known as street artist Finbar247, but for his new exhibition he is going by his actual name, Finbar McHugh, and displaying a series of fine art paintings.

This show is taking place in the newly re-furbished Town Hall Theatre Gallery. It features 30 pieces, including paintings on paper, canvas, and wood. Entitled Feelings, it explores a range of human emotions through colour. Audience members can expect to find ‘regret’, ‘redemption’, ‘passion’ and ‘delight’ among the collection.

The exhibition runs until the end of May. A detail from Finbar's painting 'Remembering' is below:




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