Entertaining indoor party games for kids

If you decide to have your child’s party at home it can be difficult to think up ways to entertain the children. We have put together some entertaining indoor party games for kids to help you out. The list includes some old favourites and a few you may not have considered.

Pass the Parcel is an old favourite but is still a winner. Children love the thrill of the music stopping when they are holding the parcel and getting to rip off a layer of paper to see if they have revealed the prize! You could wrap a small present in each layer to make it more exciting.

Another classic that can be adapted to a party theme, is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Children are blindfolded and have to pin or stick the tail onto the donkey. For theme parties print out or draw an image that fits in with your theme and have them pin an essential piece onto the image. So if you are hosting say a Beauty and the Beast party, print out the beast and have them stick on his ears!

Create a Mummy using toilet roll! Divide the party kids into teams and see who can wrap their partner in toilet roll, against the clock, to look like a Mummy.

Heads and Tails is a great game for larger groups. Pick a caller and have them toss a coin. Before they call out heads or tails, the other guests must decide which they think it is by placing their hands on their heads or their bums (tails ). If you have guessed incorrectly, you sit down. Keep going until you have a winner.

Grape in the Flour is a game we usually play at halloween and the kids love it. It is messy, so probably best left to near the end of the party! Simply pile a bag of flour onto a tray and place a grape at the top of the pile. Using a knife each child has to cut away a portion of flour. Whoever knocks the grape has to dive in and catch it in their mouth.

Suck It Up is played with lightweight sweets like Maltesers, Smarties or M&Ms. Place 25 onto a paper plate and using a straw, each player has to transfer as many as they can into another bowl in under 60 seconds. You could have multiple players competing against each other. And the winner gets all the sweets!

Stack Attack is played with 28 plastic cups. Guests have to stack them into a pyramid shape that stands alone, in under 60 seconds.

A scavenger hunt can be played indoors. Give each team a list of items to find around the house. 1st team back with everything on the list wins!

We hope we have inspired you to host your child’s party at home. For more great party games, activities, theme and food check out www.mykidstime.com



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