Fun things to do with kids that cost nothing but time

With most schools closing for Easter holidays from tomorrow, April 7, parents will have a full time job keeping the kids entertained. It can be an expensive business, so to help keep the costs down we have come up with some ideas for fun things to do with kids that cost nothing but time and a few store cupboard ingredients! In no particular order:

Create an outdoor obstacle course using what you have to hand. A paddling pool could be a water jump, a skipping rope could be a high jump or a skipping endurance test, some buckets filled with water and a ladle for each could be a test of how quickly you can race water from one point to another. The possibilities are endless.

Create a time capsule using objects that are current. Put it away for 12 months or longer and open it to see what has changed in that time.

Learn some new facts about Galway. From poetry on the prom to cinema seats in the Galway City Museum, you’ll be surprised how much there is to find out.

Have an outdoor scavenger hunt. This can be played in the back garden or further afield. Get the kids searching for feathers, plants, pebbles, flowers, something yellow, red, blue etc. 1st one back to base with everything wins a prize.

Dig out the lego and have a building competition, tallest, wildest, wackiest, you decide.

Get the chalk out for some pavement art and a fun game of hopscotch.

Spring clean the car. Kids and water = fun! So attach the hose and let them lose.

Get planting. To make it more interesting how about planting flowers is old wellies? Poke a few drainage holes in the bottom, fill with potting compost and choose seeds that will grow quickly. Place them outside and wait for them to bloom.

Use old shoe boxes to make a dolls house or if you have a larger box you could turn it into a car, playhouse or even a caravan! We have loads more cardboard box crafts over on Get cooking using either ready made pizza bases or make your own. Lay out pizza toppings for each member of the family to create their very pizza. How about trying sweet pizzas using chocolate spread and some mini marshmallows?

Have an afternoon of board games. We all have them buried in cupboards so take out a selection and get playing. Alternatively dig out the jigsaws and see if you can finally complete that one you got for Christmas a few years back!

Learn some magic tricks to wow the family with. We have a few tricks on See who comes out trumps with the card games we shared last week.

Be a mad scientist. We have recipes for everything from homemade honeycomb to slime over on



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