Hipster Bingo - expect the unexpected (and marshmallows)!

Don those skinny jeans for an 'ironically' fun night of prizes and a dollop of sarcasm

He's going to Hipster Bingo. Are you?

He's going to Hipster Bingo. Are you?

GROOM THAT magnificent beard, check your angular haircut, squeeze into the most crotch compressing pair of skinny jeans you can, crack open a craft beer, listen to music by indie bands so cool they don't yet exist, then head down to the Róisín Dubh for the next Hipster Bingo night.

Hipster Bingo, a new take on the much loved game, brought to you by gentrification, moustache wax, and a general air of disdain, takes place at the Róisín Dubh on Monday April 3 from 9pm.

Hipster Bingo has been running at the Dominick Street venue over the last number of months, with attendees treated to the sight of participants stuffing up to 14 or more large marshmallows into their mouths while trying to say such phrases as 'Do you have a gluten free option?'; Korean pop songs; and non-traditional bingo.

The MC will be the award winning comedian and all around bearded wonder, Steve Bennett, who will be joined by the great Steven Sharpe as special guest. Expect musical bingo, sarcasm, impromptu dance parties, the ‘Best Hipster Shrug’ competitions, and Steve Bennett to whip out his uke and serenade you with songs of existential dread.

Admission is €5 for all rounds. Prizes will include gig tickets, craft beer, dinner and culinary vouchers, pints, cabbages, books, sweeties, novelties, and more.


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