The long and the short of it

by Trevor Crowley

The message is clear: when it comes to your hair a half hearted style simply will not get you anywhere.

Women are feeling more daring right now and it's easy to make a bold statement with your hair so forget about the middle ground it's all about about opposing lengths. How long or how short!

If you are going for the chop, it's not about the one size fits all haircut. However, there is one rule -keep it above the shoulders.

The super-blunt, chin length bobs as seen on models Amber Rose Witcomb and Cara Taylor, exemplify the new shape.

These styles are more graphic than the bobs of recent seasons. They are one length all the way around giving a slightly grungy feel, like a 1990s Calvin Klein ad. Pixie cuts such as Gemma Attertons are equally dramatic. If we look to the autumn/winter 17 Alexander Wang catwalk show where my friend Guido Palau chopped model Catherine McNeil's long locks into a 1990s Linda Evangelista style pixie cut, the look is heavy on the top.

A word of caution though - the look is going really short at the nape of the neck, it's the shortest you can go and still maintain femininity .... thanks to the length on top. Again a word of caution. You'll need a great hairdresser who understands shape to achieve this. Cutting hair is a useless function without first understanding all fabric, the same applies to colouring hair. Shape is everything. If you have got thick or unmanageable hair you may want to think about this type of crop as you could end up with more puff than pixie.

Take your cue instead from the signature ear length locks of actress Ruth Negga. The modern short hairstyles are all about good cuts that work with your natural texture. Whichever abbreviated length you choose use a lightweight styling product sparingly and let your hair dry naturally to finish. Don't forget this season hair is poker straight, ultra glossy and super strong.

Mission statement.

I believe that perfect beauty is different for every woman and that achieving it need not be a daily struggle. That's why I never mass produce but always tailor the look considering the individual's unique features and needs when conceiving her cut and colour. I never concoct styles that just wash out but cut a shape that stays in the hair making it quick and simple to recreate every day. Realising perfect beauty in the individual and creating practical styles is my goal. This is Trevor Crowley. This is hair design.

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