Be My Rugby Valentine

Valentine’s can be tough for the devout rugby fan and a good boyfriend. You wait all season for the greatest rugby tournament in the world to kick off but miss your team for the holiday. What is a rugby lover supposed to do if your partner has no interest in oval balls?

V is for Vacation

Taking your belle away for an amorous adventure will always have you in her good books. Whisking the one away to Paris, Rome or London will enable you to catch the rugby whilst treating her to a romantic break in one of Europe’s finest cities. Remember the trip is all important and the match taking place whilst you are there is a coincidence. So is the fact you have tickets for the game.

A is for Approach

Will you grind her opposition down like the forwards do or will you woo with wonderful back play; your approach to asking your beloved to catch the rugby on the special day is crucial. Taking a long run of about three weeks where you shower her with gifts, attention and all round goodness might be enough to influence her.

L is for Late Tackle

Late Tackles never end well for the offender. Telling your partner on the day of love that you want to watch the Six Nations is not a good plan. Don’t hit her late with this request. Ask her early!

E is for Engage

Just like when the packs collide in the scrum, your technique must be perfect. Whenever there is a break in play make sure to give her your undivided attention. Engaging her during stoppages is pivotal to gaining her approval.

N is for Nous

Avoiding being caught cheating is massive in rugby. Use your craft to see the action. Go to a fancy bar and sit opposite her with the big screen behind. One eye on her and one eye on the rugby. Perfect!

T is for Try

Tries will be celebrated raucously because it is likely that it will be the only scoring you will be involved in today if you are making your girl watch the rugby.

I is for Infringement

Infringing on the field leads to penalties. Don’t get caught giving more attention to the rugby than hers truly or severe sanctions may follow.

N is for Not Straight

Not being straight with the girlfriend is as bad as a crooked lineout throw. Securing your lady’s permission to gaze at the game is as important as securing the ball at the lineout.

E is for Eighty

Eighty minutes is how long the game lasts. Probably the length of your relationship will be if rugby is chosen over the lady on Valentine’s Day.

S is for Sin Bin

A yellow card results in ten minutes off the pitch. Expect to spend some time in the Bin if your girl takes exception to you watching the rugby on Valentine’s.

Valentine’s weekend is nearly upon us and the big decision must be taken. It is time for you to stand and declare your love for rugby. I mean, oh er, your better half.



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