Let the newness into your home with a stunning B&Q kitchen

B&Q Galway

B&Q Galway

This year we have all spent more time in our homes than we thought we would. This has given us a newfound appreciation of our homes — it has highlighted what we like about them, and shown us what we could change if we had the opportunity.

The kitchen is the heart of every home. It is where we meet to eat, to prepare food, to talk — so by bringing a change to that, you can bring light and energy and a newfound zest to your own home.

Changing the feel and look of your kitchen brings in a newness that invigorates — and your local B&Q is the perfect place to visit to see the wide array of choices that exists for your kitchen look.

B&Q has improved the in-store experience, totally transforming the kitchen showrooms in all stores nationwide. The new kitchen showrooms feature a new Project Advice zone that shows how to make the best use of spaces and lets customers mix and match the range of doors, worktops, handles. B&Q kitchen experts are on hand to provide customers with personalised support with their kitchen planning.

B&Q Galway Showroom

At B&Q, we help customers think about their whole project — they don’t stop at kitchen products. Their range of flooring, tiling, paint, plumbing, and sockets brings everything together in one place.

How we use our kitchens in the new times we live in has also been considered by the designers and planners and all of their designs are completed with safety, hygiene, and health living in mind.

Customers can book a design appointment online at diy.com/diy/ireland The booking tool allows you to book an appointment with an instore expert, who can help them make the most of their space.

B&Q Galway tiles

The range has been designed with a commitment to high standards, quality and functionality. GoodHome tasuke integrated cabinet lighting uses motion controls to turn lights on, off, and switch between settings.

The GoodHome romesco sink features space-saving integrated accessories that help turn sinks into multi-functional areas.

Similarly, the pebre, budu and pecel storage ranges make the most of unused spaces with flexible storage and organising solutions.

The range of kitchens at B&Q have all been designed with sustainability in mind.

All GoodHome kitchens doors and cabinets are made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials to help protect the environment, GoodHome bamia appliances are designed to be as energy efficient as possible, and the GoodHome kora waste system makes recycling easy, convenient and stylish.

B&Q Galway Kitchen planning


Finishing touches like lighting can be as stylish as they are functional. GoodHome tasuke integrated cabinet lighting replaces the base of the GoodHome caraway wall cabinets, providing light inside and below the cabinet.

The system’s wires are completely hidden, and use motion control to turn on, off, and switch between cold and warm light – meaning there are no unhygienic switches and no need to touch the light.

B & Q Galway 37


Kitchens are often full of items that are as bulky as they are essential. Designed to easily fit the GoodHome caraway cabinets, the GoodHome pebre internal storage helps efficiently store away items and make them easy to access when needed.

These smart new products give customers more storage, and more space to use for the things that matter.

B & Q Kitchen showroom Galway


Organising waste in the home is one of the simplest and best things we can do to ensure our waste is recycled properly

But having one bin for food, another for recycling, and another for household waste can quickly take up lots of valuable space.

Luckily the GoodHome kora waste system is modular, so bins can be stacked to help make recycling easy, convenient and stylish.

B&Q Galway sinks


A smartly designed sink space helps make the most of even the smallest kitchen space. With the space-saving integrated accessories of the GoodHome romesco sink you can turn sink spaces into a space-efficient, multi- functional work area.


From filling pots to washing hands, taps need to be good quality, but that doesn’t mean they have to cost the earth

That’s why GoodHome taps offer great design at an affordable price, with a winning combination of high-quality components and water- saving features.

B&Q Galway Showroom 2

The GoodHome kitchen range has been designed to make everyday activities like food preparation, cooking, storage, cleaning and eating as simple as possible

Change your kitchen and you will change the feel of your home. Use the expertise of the specialists at B&Q.

Book an appointment with one of B&Q’s trained staff to get support in planning the whole project. Appointments can be booked online diy.com/roiplanningappointment


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