Connected Talent assembles Galway 2020 Culture team

Recruitment specialists Connected Talent are bringing all of their UK City of Culture experience to bear on sourcing and attracting the entire staff complement for the new Galway 2020 company.

Connected Talent’s role as official ‘Talent Partner’ of Galway 2020 will involve selecting a 30-40 strong team of personnel to provide the executive and delivery function of the company. A trawl of talent has already begun to fill the roles of CEO and Creative Director.

Securing the contact reflects the steady growth of Connected Talent in the Republic of Ireland following the opening of the firm’s new office in Galway. The project will be delivered with support from the company’s sector-leading sourcing team from Derry.

Connected Talent CEO and founder Ryan Williams said his team’s knowledge of Derry-Londonderry’s 2013 City of Culture adventure was crucial in winning the tender.

“The experience of many members of the successful Connected Talent team across Derry’s fantastic UK Capital of Culture adventure experience provided a strong foundation for our approach, methodology and focus in winning the Galway 2020 tender.

“We’re delighted to be selected as ‘Talent Partner’ as this significant project will see Connected Talent source and attract the entire staff complement to deliver the executive and delivery function for Galway’s exciting new culture company.

Mr. Williams said delivering the Galway 2020 talent project is “significant success” in the rise of Connected Talent.

“When we set up the business two years ago in the North West we made it clear from the startle were going to use our Derry headquarters to reach out into national and international markets in the pursuit of both the very best talent and flagship clients

Catriona Donnelly, Operations Director at Connected Talent and Project Director for the Galway 2020 project, added “The Galway 2020 project is a five-year deal commitment which involves attracting the finest talent from local, national and international markets for what will be one of the finest cultural programmes the world has ever seen.

“The Derry and Galway teams could not be more excited about kick-starting this ambitious and captivating programme,” she said.



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