Astronomy and art join forces for TULCA this evening

THIS EVENING at 6pm an event fusing astronomy, film, and art will take place. Aisling O’Beirn’s Light Years From Here is about looking at stars, telling stories about stars, and the connection between time and the stars.

Light Years From Here, hosted by The Galway Astronomy Club, and is part of the 2016 TULCA Festival of Visual Arts, takes place at The Twelve Hotel, Barna.

Aisling has been working with groups around Galway on a specially-commissioned new work, Light Years From Here since September. Galway residents from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds contributed dates and related anecdotes that have a special significance for them.

The stars in the night sky are at different distances from the earth, ranging from the nearest, Proxima Centauri, at foour light years away, to early generations of stars, billions of light years from us. Depending on where we look we can see light ranging from the start of the Islamic Hijri calendar (622 ) to the launch of Sputnik (1957 ).

Admission to the event is free but booking is required through [email protected]. A free bus will leave Galway this evening at 5.30pm sharp. This event is dependent upon clear skies. Check the website for updates as poor weather may change the location or time.



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