Tribe time cocktail corner

Tribeton. Photo: Boyd Challenger

Tribeton. Photo: Boyd Challenger

The Clover Club, named after a group of men who met in the Bellevue-Stratford hotel Philadelphia who called themselves the 'Clover Club', dates back to 1896. Light, bright, and fluffy with a slight accent of citrus to balance the sweetness from the syrup, it is great as an after work relief drink.


60ml Plymouth gin

25ml lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup

15ml raspberry syrup

Two raspberries

White of one egg

Garnished with fresh raspberries and cranberry bitters.


Combine all ingredients in a Boston shaker, muddle the raspberries lightly, then shake without ice to emulsify the egg white and create the silky foam on the top of the drink. Shake again, but this time add ice to cool and slightly dilute the drink, double strain with both a conventional hawthorn strainer and a tea strainer to ensure the drink is smooth with no pieces of raspberry or ice. Garnish, Instagram @Tribeton, and enjoy.


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