Kairos professional training diploma starts in November

Kairos therapy is a gentle approach to healing which clears all old emotional pain in a very gentle but powerful way.

The body has a natural flow of energy which is an emotional field within the physical body. Kairos trained practitioners can follow the issues which can hold old pain in the body. They can clear in a specific way until the person feels relief. No matter how stressed someone is, the practitioner can bring that person back to relaxation.

When this happens, all the organs function more effectively and the person's physical health and all stress levels clear. With a series of treatments, the client can set the goals for what he/she wants to change in life and this brings about freedom and relaxation in the client.

Maureen Maloney-Faherty has been teaching and practicing this therapy for 32 years in Galway at Connemara College of Natural Healing, formerly known as the American Holistic Institute of Ireland. The training is hands-on learning by working on each other under supervision and help from Ms Maloney-Faherty. The class meets once a month on Friday from 3pm to 9pm, and Saturday from 10am to 6pm. The course meets once a month for nine months, with one week-long summer residential, for two years. The course will be certified through the International Kairos Association.

There will be an introductory workshop offered on October 22, costing €50. For further information contact Maureen Maloney-Faherty at 087 2808572 or email [email protected].


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