Hipster Bingo @ Róisín Dubh

Don those skinny jeans and cardigans for an 'ironically' fun night

He'll be at Hipster Bingo. Will you?

He'll be at Hipster Bingo. Will you?

SPORTERS OF skinny jeans, manicured beards, quaffed hair, tartan shirts, and excessively oversived glasses are encouraged to attend an underground event which you probably will not have heard about - Hipster Bingo.

Hipster Bingo, a new take on the much loved game, brought to you by gentrification, moustache wax and a general air of disdain, takes place at the Róisín Dubh on Monday September 26. The MC and bingo announcer is comedian Steve Bennett, who will be joined by a special guest. Prizes will include gig tickets, craft beer, dinner and culinary vouchers, pints, cabbages and much more.

Admission is €5 for all rounds and concessions if you buy in for later rounds. For bingo purists there will be some traditional rounds, but also no shortage of quirks and strong liberties taken by the MCs.



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