Cathy Davey - new album and Galway show

Singer-songwriter to play Róisín Dubh next week. New album, New Forest, out now

Cathy Davey. Photo:- Rich Gilligan

Cathy Davey. Photo:- Rich Gilligan

GALWAY WAS the location for Cathy Davey to explore new sounds and styles and in which to create her new album, appropriately entitled New Forest, being recorded near forests in Woodford, south Galway, and in Connemara.

"New Forest is a way of articulating the complexity of humans working in the natural world," says Cathy. "Don't despair however, the album isn't about the sounds of hedgehogs mating, it's still very much a pop music album!"

The new album is something of a departure for the singer-songwriter, embracing chanson and dream-pop as much as indie-rock; synths and electronic atmospherics dominate and take preference to the guitar; while the lyrics use arboreal and fairytale styled images ("a towering elm 300 years old...who had roots growing into the neighbouring town" - 'Birdie'; "you're a tall tree that I used to hug" - 'Armadillo' ) often create a feeling of mystery; while songs like 'Arrow' and the title track see her adopting new, and interesting, vocal styles. However Cathy's love of rhythm is very much present, resulting a numerous danceable tracks.

The album was released in SEptember and contains the single 'The Pattern'. The Irish Times called it "as beguiling as anything she’s done to date"; while The Last Mixed Tape said: “The song is constantly changing, and although there is a definite hook to the chorus (something Davey has always had a flair for ) the songwriting ensures that we are in a very definite place sonically from where we began by the time we reach the end.”

While it has been six years since Cathy’s last album, The Nameless, she has been busy, composing music for film and TV, playing festivals, and establishing her charity, My Lovely Horse Rescue, helping and protecting animals who have suffered abuse.

Cathy plays the Róisín Dubh on Friday October 14 at 8pm. Tickets are available at, the Ticket Desk at OMG Zhivago, Shop Street, and The Róisín Dubh.


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