Sharon Shannon, Mundy, WeBanjo3,and Amazing Apples to take part in Saturday’s recording of Galway Girl

Sharon Shannon, Mundy, WeBanjo3,and Amazing Apples will all be taking part in the world’s biggest performance of Steve Earle’s iconic song, Galway Girl, on the streets of Galway this weekend.

The Galway resident will be the central figure to one of the most highly anticipated videos which intends to promote Galway city as a thriving and lively summer destination. Ten cameras and a drone will be used to film the spectacular video which will act as a major marketing tool for Galway and the west.

“Sharon Shannon has been strongly supporting the project. She is a very generous person and lots of fun to be around. She is exactly what we were looking for, and full of positive energy,” said filmmaker Kamil Krolak.

“We decided what else can we do in Galway, and there is no better song than Galway Girl. We were really lucky that the person involved was Galway based.”

Shannon will sing the famous lines in the video which will be produced by Mr Krolak and his team at Kamil Films.

She will also be joined on the day by Irish singer-songwriter Mundy, as the pair join forces for the once-off event.

“Galway is a unique city, I have travelled a good bit, and I don’t think these videos would be as popular if it was somewhere else,” said Mr Krolak.

“The city is vibrant, has a great culture, and everyone loves to get involved.”

Camille Krolak is the man behind the Galway is Happy video which was set to the backing track of Pharrell Williams’ summer track Happy.

On that day, almost two years ago, Galway locals and visitors donned their dancing shoes and lit up every street in the city centre with their best moves.

From professional dancers to local talents, everyone was involved, and the video went viral, being viewed more than 220,000 times.

“I always had a passion for filmmaking, but I couldn’t afford film school in Poland so I came to Ireland and fell in love with the country.”

His enthusiasm for filmmaking and theatre led him to study for a year at Galway Community College, before going on to spend three years in GMIT.

He also produced a similar video on Shop Street in 2011, entitled Fifty People One Answer, which has almost 1.5 million views, and was the first video that he ever posted on YouTube.

“That was amazing, and very unexpected. The video reached so many people all over the world, and people still get in touch to say a few kind words about it,” said Krolak.

“It gave me more motivation. It was a real life changer, and I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am now if it wasn’t for that video.”

The Galway Girl project will take place this Saturday, June 11, and Kamil Krolak is expecting an even bigger turnout this time around.

Filming will begin on Shop Street at 1pm, and everyone is more than welcome to attend.

Mr Krolak estimates that filming will take 40 minutes, and that the Galway Girl song will be played five times in total.

This will allow for the production team to capture everything that Galway has to offer while filming from 11 different vantage points.

Mr Krolak will also be taking to the sky, as he sends drones up to record video footage of the sheer number of people that are expected to line Shop Street.

Professional trad dancers Lackagh Comhaltas will be performing on the day, along with Galway folk band the Amazing Apples, We Banjo 3, and Galway Rose Rosie Burke will also be making an appearance.

For more information, go to Kamil Films on Facebook or email [email protected]. Or follow for updates on the Galway Advertiser social media platforms.


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