Cut speed limit in half for Claregalway and Carnmore roads says Cuddy

Speed limits on side roads around Claregalway must be reduced from 80kmph to 40kmph, and “urgent action” taken to deal with rat running and heavy traffic “on a road system not designed to cope with such heavy volumes”.

This is the view of Independent county councillor Jim Cuddy, who is calling on the local authority to reduce the speed limits and install meeting bays at regular intervals on roads around Claregalway, specifically the road from Lydican at Ballymurphy Cross, through Ballymurphy, Lisarulla, Gortatleva, and Lakeview, where the road comes onto the N18.

These roads have experienced an upsurge of traffic due to being used on runs to the new secondary school. Motorists have been avoiding the gridlock that has become a common feature in Claregalway, but as Cllr Cuddy points out, this is “putting huge pressure on a road system which was not designed to cope with such heavy volumes”.

The school currently has 600 students, expected to rise to 1,000 students in the near future. Cllr Cuddy has described the school as “a great addition to the village”, but acknowledges that the development has led to a major increase in traffic in the general area.

Cllr Cuddy added that residents are concerned about the speeds motorists are going at on the side roads, and the fact there are “no meeting bays, footpaths or cycle lanes”. Also, parents of Carnmore national school pupils have expressed concern that “the road is too narrow for two cars to meet”.

Cllr Cuddy has put forward his proposals to Galway County Council officials and is currently awaiting a response.


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