Combat vertigo with acupuncture and herbal medicine

Vertigo is a disruptive condition which causes stress in a patient’s life. In vertigo the patient experiences spinning, loss of balance, and occasionally nausea. It can manifest in a sleeping or sitting posture, or only show when the patient stands up or walks around.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, vertigo is caused by low blood pressure, dampness in the body, deficiency or blockage of vital qi energy, and stagnation of blood. The organs affected by this condition are the spleen, the kidneys, and the liver.

Acupuncture coupled with Chinese herbs can be an effective cure for vertigo. Care Cure Acupuncture clinics first conduct a free, no obligation, consultation to assess the reason behind your vertigo.

For example the questions asked first focus on the type of dizziness experienced, presence of mucus or phlegm, difficulty walking, low energy, and how you sleep at night. The clinic also does a tongue and pulse diagnosis to figure out what is going on inside the body.

Once Care Cure practitioners ascertain the reason behind the symptoms, they will use acupuncture points that immediately take effect and relieve symptoms in a short space of time. Once the dizziness has subsided they will concentrate on restoring the system to health.

To book a free consultation call 091 539996/086 2159282. See for further details. Clinics are located in Galway city, Loughrea, and Tuam.


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