Reduce stress, improve fertility

We all lead busy, stressful, lives. Pressures of work, family obligations, and financial worries can all contribute to high stress levels. Research has also shown that stress plays a major factor in infertility and a woman's chance of conceiving. Concerns regarding fertility can add to existing worries. Couples affected by infertility have a tendency to become increasingly isolated and avoid gatherings with family and friends who have children.

The team at Galway Fertility Clinic understand how important having a family is to you. They have been providing advice and fertility treatment for more than 20 years with the highest standard of care available. During this time they have helped thousands of couples to realise their dreams of becoming parents. As part of this journey, the experienced team provides support with compassion and understanding at all stages of treatment to reduce stress levels.

Stress can be significantly reduced by counselling and constant reassurance and support from the clinic's nurses and doctors. Alternative therapies such as acupuncture and/or massage may also benefit some clients. Although there is little medical evidence that these make a major difference, these treatments can encourage stress relief and some clients find this really beneficial. The clinic does not recommend the use of herbal remedies during treatment as this may interfere with the quality of eggs or sperm.

Galway Fertility Clinic has partnered with experts in the area of counselling, alternative therapies, and nutrition. For more information visit or call 091 515600.



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