Seahorse Aquariums Galway — Why seahorses?

Dating back as far as 13million years, seahorses are one of the ocean’s most special creatures. They have many traits unique to Seahorses and their cousins. Seahorses have no teeth, no stomach and are the only known species where the male becomes pregnant. Indeed many species pair for life. Seahorses range in size from the tiny 11mm Pygmy Seahorse to the largest, the 35cm Australian Pot Belly Seahorse. Ireland has it very own Seahorse species, found as close to Galway City as Connemara, the Spiny Seahorse (Hippocampus histrix ).

Seahorse reproduction is unique in the animal kingdom. Each morning a seahorse pair strengthens their pair bond by performing a mating dance for up to one hour. During spawning the female transfers the eggs into the males pouch. Over the next few weeks the male incubates the eggs until he gives birth to up to a few thousand fry which drift in the surface currents until settling to the bottom a few weeks later.

Believe it or not we always have Seahorses in stock at Seahorse Aquariums Galway and all are welcome to come down to the shop to view our seahorses or visit the reception the G Hotel to view the special 900l Natural Seahorse Lagoon Aquarium designed and maintained by us. This tank is rather special and also contains seahorses and is the only one of its kind in Europe. We even breed seahorses in our hatchery in Seahorse Aquariums Dublin.

Seahorses are threatened or nearing extinction in many parts of the ocean. The Asian medicinal trade, the curio trade and habitat destruction are the main threats facing Seahorses. Check out for more information.

For many decades keeping seahorses alive in aquaria was extremely difficult. Now thanks to better knowledge and availability of captive bred seahorses, almost anyone can have a seahorse aquarium. Seahorse Aquariums sells seahorse starter packs priced from €400. At Seahorse Aquariums we like to make aquarium keeping simple, so we include all you need to start your aquarium in the pack. Anyone looking for something that bit different or special as a Christmas gift will be surprised at the range of items available to the public at Seahorse Aquariums Galway.

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